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The Law Office of Frederick C. Beyer is a trusted law firm owned by Frederick C. Beyer. He has been practicing law since 1976 which makes him the best at dealing with cases from diverse backgrounds. More so, Frederick's firm is trusted for dealing with family issues such as legal separation and child custody. In addition, here we have experienced lawyers and attorneys to cater to your requirements. You may hire them for legal consultation if you are planning to file a case. Our team can help you carry out the whole process smoothly.

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As a family law firm, we have served various clients from different backgrounds. All of the clients we have served put their trust in us and we were compelled to provide them with the best service. Have a look!

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At the Law Office of Frederick C. Beyer, you may come across a talented yet dedicated team of lawyers and attorneys. They are professionally skilled and have been leading divorce and child custody cases for years. Meanwhile, you may also consult with our experts to get professional assistance and guidance before filing the case. They will help you have a strong legal representation.